Check for updates on your TpT Purchases

Often when you make a purchase on TpT, now and again the TpT seller may update the resource, but how will you know if they've updated it? It's actually a very simple process!

Go on to your TpT account, hover over My TpT and then click My Purchases

Once on the page click on the Sort by option and click Recently Revised

Now all of your purchases will go in the order of the most recently revised resources.

If something has been recently revised, you will see in red writing Newly Revised Re-Download, underneath this it will say Description of Revision, if you click this it will tell you what has been recently revised. 

If it has be revised, just click DOWNLOAD NOW and it will download the most recent version to your desktop!

Be sure to check this every now and again so that you can check if any of your previous purchases have been updated.


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