Wh- Questions - Home Scenes

Have you ever wondered, truly, how much our students take in? I mean, it's one thing testing them on matching their pictures and words but it's another to see if they're actually taking on board what they can see.

I introduce.. the Wh- Questions.

These Wh- questions are themed around the Home. Each image comes with two types of question/recording sheets; for verbal and non-verbal students.

All you need to do is ask your student(s) the questions that are provided and see if they are able to answer correctly.

The recording sheets come with space for two dates so that you can track pupil progress over a period of time.

The great thing about these home scenes are that you can see how much your students are paying attention to detail and what they are able to truly see in an image. It also helps to improve their understanding of what they can see. 

On top of all these great skills that are put to the test during these activities it will also help them to build their confidence with answering questions and explaining their answers.

You can actually get this pack at my TpT store. There are 10 images in total with 2 recording sheets for each image. They include all different rooms of the house as well as all different kids, actions and objects. This pack is sure to test your students!


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