Reading about the Olympics

The Olympics are here again - can you believe it!?
Of course this time they're in Rio! How exciting!

We have loved learning all about the Olympics in our class this term and one of the best ways for our students to learn about a particular topic is through reading books! We chose 'The Frog Olympics' for our book and the children absolutely loved it! We base our whole classroom planning around it - displays, lessons, activities, sensology sessions, music sessions etc. It's a great way to find a theme that children will love and also to work around.

So, I thought I would share some of the best books that we were able to come across to do with the Olympics. They are all great, fun stories that children will love. Plus, I'm sure you can find learning opportunities to go with each book - or even on a rainy day (or a sunny one outside!) you can make story sacks together!

We chose this book because there were so many endless learning opportunities that we could associate it with, plus it meant we could look at frog life cycles and introduce a whole load of Science into our theme! Plus, the book rhymes! Our children love the rhyming books because for some reason we all put on funnier voices when we're rhyming which makes it more interesting! We also loved how the frogs competed into their own version of the olympics and the types of activities that they did!

This book seemed very popular when we were researching books and it had some good reviews. There seem to be lots of different animals taking part in the Olympics in the story and some of the reviews also stated that it was another rhyming story. The images were bright, eye catching and most importantly engaging. It's also written by an incredibly popular author. This was definitely a close second for our choice of book and will go down a storm with children.

Dinosaurs are always a huge hit in our classroom, the kids absolutely love anything to do with dinosaurs so this was definitely a book that we considered, but we had only just finished a term-long dinosaur topic and we were definitely feeling dinosaur-overload! This book goes into the theme of the Olympics after there is arguments at a birthday party, the olympics is done to stop the arguing. The reviews say how wonderful this book is - but also how funny it is!

The Smurf Olympics! This looked a lot of fun but we just didn't know if our students would be as interested in this one as the graphics are a little less eye catching. However, the reviews on this book are really good and it does seem a very popular choice. I loved how it was based around supporting an individual Smurf who hadn't been chosen to take part in any of the teams so he created his own team for the Olympics! Of course, the prize for the Smurf Olympics is a kiss from Smurfette! If Surfs are what your students enjoy then I'm sure this book will be a huge hit with them!

This  story looked SO much fun but we just weren't sure how relevant it would be to the Olympics and how much our students would understand, but it looks so much fun and it's had so many great reviews - one of the reviews said it's actually five stories in one book - so great value for money too! Almost every review says how funny this book is, they all state how amazing the author is and everyone I ask says how much their students enjoyed it. If your students enjoy some 'sillyness' then this will be perfect for em!  It's all about 'The Silly Olympics' and how Danny and his friends do some crazy funny challenges to win some medals - one being 'picking up baked beans while wearing boxing gloves.' Some of these could even be recreated in the classroom if you're feeling brave! (If you give the baked bean one a shot you SERIOUSLY have to send me some photos for evidence!)

How have you introduced the Olympics into your classroom? (If at all)
And do you use stories to introduce topics? 

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