Five for Friday: 5th August 2016

I can't believe it's he 5th August already! Today is my mother's birthday and it only feels like a few months back we were celebrating her last birthday, I can't believe how quick this past year has gone.

This also means that I'm almost halfway through my summer holidays, it's gone so quick. I haven't been blogging as much - although I had a lot of great posts scheduled through the Summer thanks to some time at the start because I've been so busy working on my TpT : Teaching Autism.

Although I work pretty hard on my TpT throughout the School year, it doesn't get as much attention as I'd like to give it because I'm just too worn out after work, so I've devoted a lot of time to that over the Summer, which now means my blog missed out on some of my attention, meaning I just haven't had time to join in the Five for Friday link-up for a while, which is a shame because it's one of my fave link-ups because I'm plain nosey!

So, thank you one again to the fabulous Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting this great weekly link up party. 

For those of you who have never taken part in it before, Five for Friday is pretty much what the title tells you - you discuss five things on Friday that you did that week, it could be personal, professional etc. Just any five things to share with your readers. It's a lot of fun, if you haven't joined in before, seriously go ahead and join in now!

To be honest, it's been such a crazy week I didn't know where to start off with Number 1, so I'll start in chronological order through the week.

So, I'll start with Monday. Well, Monday & Tuesday combined this one is really. It was the Back to School TpT sale - where pretty much everything on the site had 28% off! It's always crazy fun getting ready for a TpT sale and I love rewarding my followers with some great bargains - which there were! I literally don't know how to thank everyone for supporting my little store, that really has expanded beyond belief this past year. This time last year my little store was really, very little. If you had told me then what it would be like now I'd have never believed you! 

The sale is also a great time for me to grab some fab new clipart sets - which I most certainly did, some of them are just gorgeous and to die for! They're going to make my upcoming resources so adorable and popular, I can't wait!

But, on top of that again, it's also a time when TpTers everywhere collaborate and hold giveaways. This time I managed to win a total of $95 worth of vouchers from a few different giveaways, I literally can't believe my luck! It made the sale so much more fun shopping wise! 

My baby sister and her partner this week opened up their own snack van not far from us. She's been doing so well - and I've been definitely loading up on some great lunches, without having to move as she delivers too! 

They're both trying really hard and we're all so proud of them! 

Now, as mentioned earlier, today is my Mother's birthday. As the years go by, it gets ever more difficult to buy her presents - what do you get the woman who has everything and asks for nothing? Well, time. Quality time. And food, of course! My mother loves to go shopping in one of the large shopping centres about an hour from our home, she's done it twice with me the past year now and she's loved it. So we bought her a gift card and gave it to her early, so on Tuesday me and her went shopping for the day and had afternoon tea in between - which she loves. We ended up spending hours out shopping but it was great! Of course, normal people would go out and enjoy the shopping part and buy lots of clothes too.. I bought a few things, not much. But most importantly, I bought these:

When I seen them, I just knew I had to get them! Now I'm wondering whether I should head back to get some more - they are great! The ideas are starting to fill up on what to use them for - but, what would you guys use them for? Any great ideas?

As most of you know, this week the new Harry Potter book was released - so you can guess what I spent an evening reading! I finished it in two sittings - Nathan was adamant I wasn't staying up through the night to finish reading it, so I put it down, went to bed, woke up the next morning and finished reading it! It was absolutely fabulous, and surely there has to be another one!?

And last, but not least, I'll end with today. Today is my lovely Mother's birthday and we're going to all spend the day and night together celebrating. We aren't quite sure yet if we're all going to have a nice takeaway in the house or go out for food.. but whatever happens, we'll celebrate together!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It sounds like you had a great day shopping with your mom! Sometimes those are the best celebrations!

  2. Harry Potter fan here too! I read it in one day. Although it got mixed reviews, I loved it!

  3. A food truck that delivers - perfect!

  4. Guess I need to get the Harry Potter book! So much to read, so little time! New follower on Bloglovin'. I will have a little boy with autism in my class this year (with an aide) and I hear he's a joy but a handful. I will be looking for tips! Thanks ahead of time!
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