Col Sorting Frogs

Colour sorting can always be a tricky one to approach. It's a great way to combat loads of different queries you may have about individual children - you won't believe how many children go years being colour blind without it actually being picked up!

Trust me I know, Nathan's colour blind himself! So, it's always fun trying to think up colour sorting activities and then testing them out on him to see if he can do them so we have a small idea of what tell tale signs we may be able to look for in our students - after all, 95% of our students are non-verbal, this makes finding out if they are colour blind even more difficult!

So, recently we have been sorting colour frogs. Last term our topic was 'The Frog Olympics' so we based a lot of thing around frogs and the Olympics - so image our delight when we found these colourful frogs!

In this photo, it's a bit of a choice activity, don't ask me why but some kids just love doing colour sorting activities like this and don't actually see it as work!

First of all, we introduced colour sorting in our daily speech sessions. We would have the plates out in the middle of the table and each student would have their own small plastic bag with one frog in each colour in totalling 6 frogs. 

The students would take it in turns to roll the coloured dice - each side of the dice had the same colours as the plates/frogs. The colour that it lands on, the leading staff member would pick up the matching colour plate and pass it around the circle for students to put the correct colour frog in. You won't believe how much the students improved over time. 

Some students found it too hard to be able to choose the colour out of 6 options, so we offered them a choice of 2 frogs, then when they mastered that we would up it - it was amazing to watch their attention skills progressing everyday and now they are getting masters at colour sorting! 

You may think how is this possibly part of a speech session, well seriously there's loads of great vocabulary that you're able to introduce - naming the colours, what is the animal - frog, finding the colour plates, finding the colour frogs 'where is the blue frog?' and finding the different sizes - the frogs come in 3 different sizes, it was a great way to watch our students progress with their vocabulary.

How do you and your students enjoy colour sorting? 

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