Spotlight Seller Sunday: Denise's Designs

Welcome to my Seller Spotlight Sunday.
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Up this week is Denise Hawkins from Denise's Designs!

Hi, my name is Denise from Denise’s Designs! I am getting ready to start my eleventh year of teaching. I taught 5th for three years, 1st for five years, and 2nd for three years.  One thing I always strive for with my students is to make my lessons fun and engaging. When I started creating items for my classroom, one of the most important things was for me to make them hands-on and interactive.

     One of my favorite ways to accomplish this is through the use of games. A favorite game of ours is Ten More, Ten Less Slides and Steps. Ten More, Ten Less has become such an important skill for students to master but it is one my students struggle with. I wanted a way they could practice independently and continue to work on so they could become successful with it.

                  Another way to make learning fun is through the use of interactive notebooks, they are becoming a favorite of mine. I have been working on creating notebooks for Sentence Boo-Boos which is my version of sentence editing. As I have gone back to edit these products I am adding a place to identify parts of speech. We all know how important it is for students to catch spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and these notebooks provide an engaging way to do so. I created a Sentence Boo-Boo for you to try for free, free, free. 

     These interactive notebooks are a great way for me to get my students editing, writing, and learning all while they are enjoying working. My students enjoy them so much I am busy creating many more ways to incorporate them into our day! Be on the lookout for upcoming notebooks!

I was very blessed to be able to attend the ILA (International Literacy Association) Conference in Boston this past weekend! I was able to hear some amazing speakers and once again be inspired to do what I love and be the best at it that I can be! So I am off to learn, read, and seek new ideas for my classroom. The first day is quickly approaching!

     Thank you Nikki for this terrific opportunity to blog at Teaching Autism! I hope this finds all of you making the most of each day whether you are teaching or enjoying a much needed summer break!


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