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Welcome to my Seller Spotlight Sunday.
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Up this week is Adele Keaton from Smart Teaching!

Hello - I am Adele Keaton, and it is exciting to be in the spotlight this week with Nikki at Teaching Autism.  My store is Smart Teaching.  I have been teaching elementary students since 1999.  I have taught bilingual, English language learners, and students of lower economic status in grades K-5. Most of my experience has been in first grade.  I have worked in English and Spanish as a classroom teacher, an interventionist, and a curriculum coach.

My logo is a tree made up of a student and teacher.  The red circle signifies the Spanish language and the blue stands for English.  When my students are proficient in both languages, they are bilingual.  This is represented by the purple circles that make up the outline of the tree.

My goal is to make teachers' lives easier while making learning fun for students.  One of my favorite ways to do this is to get students excited about coming into the classroom in the morning.

Each morning my students read a message written to them by one of the monthly visitors.  I have a stuffed squirrel to go along with this month's messages.  The squirrel shows up in a different spot in the classroom each morning.   My students look for the squirrel and read the message she has written.  There are mistakes in the messages.  The students correct the mistakes.  They love reading what she has to say.  They also write back to the squirrel a couple of times throughout the month.  If you would like to try this activity with your students, click on the square above for your FREE copy!


If your students enjoy learning with Scamper the squirrel, there is a message set available for every month of the school year. Each monthly package contains a message for every school day of the month. If you don't have a stuffed animal, a "flat" copy of the visitor is included for you to print out and move around your classroom.  There is an answer key, stationery to write back to Scamper, an editable PowerPoint version and packet for you to make for each of your students to correct. Using the editable PowerPoint version, you can add student and staff names. You can also add mistakes to the messages that you are frequently seeing in your students' work. New this year is a take home book.


After the visitor has been in your classroom for a month, they get to go home with each of your students.  The students each write about what happens during the visit.  The children bring back the sheet they have filled out.  You can then make the sheets into a class book with the cover and ending pages provided in the monthly package.


This summer, I am busy getting my resources ready for my Spanish classroom next year.  The activities that were available in Spanish at my Smart Teaching Store have now been moved to my new store - Spanish Supplies.  Having the resources separated by language makes it much easier for teachers to find what they need.  Please stop over if you are looking for materials in Spanish.

I am looking forward to having the visitors in my classroom again this year. Having the visitors travel between my students' homes is new for this year.  I look forward to seeing what the children write about the visitors' adventures in their homes!

Happy New School Year!

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