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Up this week is Anita Billiot from Nita Marie's Classroom Creations!

 Moving Around in the Classroom

Hi,  My name is Anita from New and Noteworthy by Nita.  I've been a lower elementary teacher for 15 years.  One goal for my classroom is to get 100 percent of my students engaged in my lessons.  I'm not there yet.

As, I was researching ways to get students engaged, it led me to another concept ... movement in the classroom.  I read dozens of well researched articles about the benefits of movement in the classroom.  The research out there has caught my attention.   Hopefully it will help me catch my students' attention!

Most of the articles I've read indicate that student movement in the classroom is beneficial to the brain and will actually help students pay attention better.  So I set out on a mission to create some products that will get my students up and moving while they are still being exposed to the standards that they are required to learn. 

I think my series of sticky note games does just this.  I often use a matching game to get my students moving. Each student is given a card and they have to mingle around the classroom until they find the student with the matching card.  It works well with many different lessons. My Sticky Note Games give the teacher the option of printing the cards out on 3x3 sticky notes or on regular paper.  The kids love wearing the sticky notes while they are looking for their match.  Even more so the students love wandering around the classroom to find the matching card.  

I have Sticky Note Games available for Money, Synonyms, Place Value, and more.   Check out one of my Place Value Sticky note activities.  

I've created a sticky note game for you to try ... absolutely free!  My "Verb" game is just a little different, but it still gets my students up and moving around the classroom. 

This is just some of the ways that I get my students moving around in my classroom.   I'm really anxious to hear about how you're encouraging your students to get up and move. 

E-mail and let me know at  Also, I'm hoping to continue researching more ideas on getting my students moving. Check out my new blog at to stay posted on this.

I want to send a big thank you to Nikki at Teaching Autism for allowing me to share my ideas with you today. 

As you look forward to the new school year, I hope this information will help your students become more engaged learners.


Here are some of the research articles about moving in the classroom that I've found online.

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