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Up this week is Julie Davis!

Hey guys! I am Julie from Big Ideas For Little Hands! I have been teaching Kindergarten for 10 years. Wow! I can't believe it has been that long already! Time flies when you are having fun and I absolutely love Kindergarten!

In Kindergarten, we try to move as much throughout the day as we can. It is hard for those little ones to sit still too long and we should not expect them to either. I also try to do as many hands-on learning activities as I can throughout the day. A few years ago, when I moved to a different school, I was told that we were required to teach Social Studies and Science standards but we had no materials to tech it with. I knew that I had to find a fun, interactive way to teach these standards. These is what led me to creating Flippy Flaps. My kids have learned so much through these activities and it also provides a folder that they can look back on throughout the year to remember their learning.

I teach thematically so I made these lessons based on the themes of the week and including various Social Studies and Science standards throughout each of the lessons. They all follow a similar format so that students can begin to independently complete some of the activities. I model how to do each activity with the students and we complete part together and part independently. We also do not complete the entire Flippy Flap in one day. I break it into 5 parts and we will work on an activity each day. By Friday, the students will have a completed Flippy Flap to remember all they learned.

Let's look at one close up. One of the favorite topics of all of my kids is Insects. There is just something about those creepy crawly bugs that the students love! You can also incorporate Insects into many Science standards.

Here is the cover and the back. We usually work on the cover throughout the week. Whenever the students finish early, they are able to cut out the pieces, color them, and glue them. This is not something that they need to watch me model so we do this part during extra time. The graph on the back is generally a Friday activity that we do together. We go around the room answering the question while each student colors in the appropriate square on their own graph.

The inside is where the majority of the learning takes place. We always start with the middle section on Mondays. We make a class chart about what insects can do, what insects have, and what insects are. Then the students will pick one or two examples from our chart to write under each flap. We then complete labeling an insect and talking about how each part is important to the insect. 

Throughout the week we will complete the other activities such as the life cycle of an insect, listing adjectives to describe an insect, sort picture cards to determine if it is or is not an insect, picture cards of insects, and writing all about insects. These are all completed together as a class and I model each activity.

My students have fallen in love with these Flippy Flaps and beg to do them weekly. You can find them all in my custom category in my shop here.

Here is a link to the insect Flippy Flap for you to check out for your classroom. There are even more in the shop and it is still growing so stop by and check them out! Your kids will love them too!

I also have a fun Back to School Flippy Flap Freebie that you can check out below. Click on the picture to grab a copy to use in your classroom.

You can visit my blog for some more great ideas. I would love to have you stop by and visit!


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