Olympic Torch Cones

Ok, these are not the easiest thing in the World to make - despite how easy they look! You're going to need a lot of patience and maybe a practice run a we found out. But they came out awesome in the end!

You will need:
  • Wafer cones
  • Icing sugar/powder
  • Butter
  • Small cup
  • Piping Bag
Ok, so first you need to make a very thick buttercream icing, then put it into a piping bag. Grab one of the cones and place it standing up in either a small cup or become creative and make holes in a cardboard box etc to get it to stand up. 

Pipe the icing in the shape of a swirl to get it looking like a torch/flames. This is when it has to be really thick so that it stays up. Place into the fridge to help it cool and set quicker. And you're done!


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