Olympic Ring Cup Painting

If you're ever worried your child(ren) may get bored of painting with a paintbrush, now is a great time to introduce painting with cups!

You will need:
  • Plastic cup
  • Paintbrush
  • Red, green, yellow, black, blue liquid paints
  • Paint palette
  • Paintbrush
  • White card/paper
First, you're going to want to pour each of the colour paints into the different pots on the paint palette.

Get your card/paper ready on the table, get your paintbrush and choose your first colour (I recommend going in order so that you'll know where to place the rings etc). Use the paintbrush to paint the lining of the top of the cup (the open top part of the cup where you would drink from NOT the bottom). Once covered in paint, place it onto the card/paper to make a circle.

Continue repeating the above with the different colours until you have made the Olympic Rings!


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  1. Cute idea! I could see kids having a ton of fun with this - and just in time for the Olympics!


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