National Shark Awareness Day

If you follow my blog you're probably thinking that I'm getting far too obsessed with these fun National Day's than is healthy, but I'm just loving the randomness of some of them to be honest, it's hard not to post every day laughing at some of them, so I'm trying to pick ones that really stand out to me that can be linked into class to provide fun learning opportunities for your students - or even at home! 

So, when I stumbled upon 'National Shark Awareness Day' I just knew that it would be full of amazing learning opportunities for our kiddos. I think it's safe to say that most children these days are terrified of sharks - heck, even most adults are! But, one of the main reasons is because all we ever hear about sharks are the bad stuff - we never hear the good stuff!

As always, please click the images to be redirected to the original source to find out more about the activity and how to implement it into your classroom/home.

First, let's start with a bit of a fun fact..

I think the majority of people have probably seen the photo do the rounds on social media about a scuba diver swimming next to a shark. The photo describes a 'murderer' but in more subtle words and how the other 'person' in the picture is a shark. It's all about people trying to teach us that sharks are not the biggest killers in the World. There's a lot more to learn about sharks than be scared of them killing!

If you have young children who love learning through songs, then we have the perfect song for you - literally both kids and staff love this song in our class and you'll often hear us humming it throughout the day! You can find it here or watch below.

It's a bit of a fun, animated video all about baby shark, mummy shark, daddy shark, grandma shark etc. Your kids will love it and it's a great way to introduce the theme of sharks into your classroom!

 Shark Awareness Day will provide a great opportunity for you and your students to discuss what would happen if sharks were to become extinct?

Like anything else in the World, if Sharks were to disappear there would be repercussions and these may not be for the better. As the image above shows, stingrays would over populate which will affect shellfish populations - this will have a real effect on us and it's a great way to discuss the important role that sharks play in the World. 

Children just love getting arty/crafty - they love it even more when they get to parade around in their masterpieces when it's finished, so these shark hats are a great way to get your students engaged in your shark topic.

It's pretty well known that children learn best when they're having fun - so what's more fun that feeding fish to a shark? This game is a great way to practice lots of different skills with your students - plus they can even help out creating it with you! 

There are so many amazing children books around these days, there's pretty much something for every topic that you could imagine! Just looking at books stores only there were hundreds of shark books to choose from, so I went to goo old Pinterest - there were loads of teacher recommended books on here to use for Shark Week and this one looked like it would be lots of fun! The reviews suggest that this book is pretty similar to the story of the 3 Little Pigs - just with sharks and fish - it's sure to be engaging for your students! 

While browsing through the previous blog post, I also came across this book - it also looks lots of fun! 

If your students/children love to watch movies - this will be a great hit during Shark Week! It's a fun, engaging movie that your students will love! Lenny the shark is a vegetarian and wants to be friends with other fish - a great watch for sure!

How do you celebrate Shark Awareness Day or Shark Week?


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