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A lot of my followers have been asking me about Meet the Teacher resources. However, because where I'm from we don't really do stuff like this, I have no idea where to start, what to include, what to leave out etc. 

So.. I decided to put a little blog post up, include my favourite Meet the Teacher resources that I've come across but also to open a link at the bottom of this blog post for other Education Professionals can add their links to resources that they have for Meet the Teacher night... I still find it crazy that you all have this night, but what an awesome idea!

If you see something you like and want to find out more about, just click on the image to be re-directed to the original source!

First of all.. 

Wish Lists 
(Click the image to be re-directed to the original source to find out how you can get these!)

I still find it crazy that you all have wish lists and parents actually buy you stuff for your classroom from the wish lists! I mean, don't get me wrong it's a great idea - but how did that come about!? I love seeing the differences in the way our countries do stuff! Anyway, if I were to do Meet the Teacher night and have  a chance at these wish lists I would pounce on these gorgeous cupcakes! It's my understanding that parents take one and they buy what's on the cupcake. They are adorable! 

Up next..
Student Info Flip Books
(Can you believe this is just $1???!!!)

Ok, so this was never actually created for Meet the Teacher night, but after a lot of feedback, it seems that it was actually a great hit for it! This flip book is editable so you can change it to suit your needs and find out exactly the information that you need throughout your School year. 

Each page does come ready made with answers to fill in but these are optional and can be changed.

And finally....
Back to School Brochure
(Remember to click the image to be re-directed to find out more on this resource and how you can get it!)

So, this resource is absolutely adorable and if I were to have to use something like this, this would be up there with the top downloads. It's editable so you can easily change all the different bits to make them relevant for you and your classroom. Plus, how professional are you going to look with these?!?!?

So - do you have 'Meet the Teacher' night? Or do you have some great resources to share that others can use for Meet the Teacher? Just share them below! 

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  1. Meet the teacher night is so exciting for students AND teachers! I know I couldn't wait to see who my little friends were and their families. It can be a little overwhelming for teachers, especially new teachers. So I've created a collection of my Meet the Teacher forms, posters, and teacher tips. The forms were such a lifesaver for me and my coworkers on Meet the Teacher night! Thanks for your awesome post Teaching Autism! Here is the link to my Meet the Teacher Forms: -Christian @ Pre-K Tweets


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