This Months Top 5 Pinterest Finds

If you have read previous blog posts, you'll probably come to realise that I love Pinterest - as do many other teachers. If you've never tried it, seriously, you need to. It's like a huge catalogue of pretty much anything you can imagine. The main thing I use it for is ideas for the classroom - especially the displays! 

Every now and again I share some of my Pinterest finds on Instagram which always attracts a lot of attention from fellow professionals in the Education Profession. So, each month, I'm going to share 'My Top 5 Pinterest Finds' with links back to the original source so you can find out more about the idea and how you can put it into practice in your classroom! 

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1. Summer Countdown Door Display

Ok, so it's real hard watching everyone break up for their Summer Holidays over in America - especially when we still have until the end of July here in the UK! But, I seen this door display and just fell in love with it - each of the students could make their own little fish and then have the countdown which can be changed everyday! The only problem is - I don't know who would be more excited in our class - the pupils or the staff! Summer is almost here!

2. DIY Calm Down Jars 

It's only when you really want to purchase some of these for class do you realise that they cost an arm and a leg! They are crazy prices! So what better way than to make them yourself at an affordable price! Plus, you won't feel too bad if they get broken! Calm Down Jars aren't just for Spec Ed classes - they can be used in any class! All children should be able to access some calm down/sensory jars.

3. Kinder Graduate Photo Frame

Can I just say, it's only been through meeting fab teachers through TpT that I've realised - Kindergarten Graduation is actually a thing!!! One of our students this year is actually being transitioned back into a STF - leaving our Spec Ed School! We're constantly nosing at all the fab Kinder Graduation stuff to get ideas for how we can celebrate his last day with us!

4. Olympic Cones

As you know, the Summer Olympics are fast approaching - we have been busy in class making all sorts of fun Olympic themed recipes in our Cookery sessions. These are great for mini Olympic torches - plus they'll be super yummy too - your kids will thank you! 

5. Superhero Display

As our year starts to come to a close we are busy looking for some great ideas to decorate the class with next year. Superheroes are very popular in our class with the kiddos - we found this Hulk display and thought it would just be perfect! Plus it's a great way for our children to show off their work each week too!

Check back next month for some more Pinterest Finds!


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