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Up this week is Jeanine Schneider from Third Grade Giggles!

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I am so excited to be a part of Nikki’s blog here at Teaching Autism! My name is Jeanine and I have been a third grade teacher for 16 years. I hold a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a master’s degree in educational technology, and am a certified Reading Teacher, too.  I am also so lucky to teach in a “HOTS” public school, where the philosophy of education is that children learn through the arts. This philosophy is evident in my classroom, as students are always engaged in hands on learning, where creativity is encouraged and highly valued. Above all, I believe children (and teachers) should have fun at school and enjoy learning!

I create products that require critical thinking from students with fun, creative, and engaging activities. As a third grade teacher for years, I always found it difficult to find age appropriate activities for my students. Products and activities created for K-3 were too simple for my students, yet products created for 3-5 were too difficult. Because of this, I began creating challenging products for third graders in all areas of reading, writing, and math. I also have a line of holiday packs with a strong non-fiction reading emphasis. The activities that I create are challenging, engaging, and fun.

As the school year winds down, I am already prepping for next year! I am excited to say that I am changing grade levels and moving on up to teach fifth graders! This week I am cleaning out my closets and packing up my “stuff”…16 years worth of “stuff”.  As I sift through my cabinets and shelves I am not only cleaning, but taking a walk down memory lane. I love finding little notes from students, parents, and colleagues from over a decade ago. It is a reminder that what we do as teachers is so important and truly touches many, many lives. I am extra emotional leaving my classroom as I pack my room since I am the only teacher to have taught in room 242. A few years after I started teaching, my school moved to a new building. It was a wonderful experience to kick off the learning in my room as the first teacher. After ten years as the only teacher in that classroom, I decided to leave my mark on the future teachers and students of room 242 by creating a teacher time capsule. This time capsule is simple, yet great way, for me to say goodbye to the classroom that has helped me to create so many happy memories.  A quick reflection form, picture, and small gift for the next teacher are inside my time capsule box. You can start this fun tradition too, by grabbing this freebie in my shop. Even if you are not leaving your room yet, it is a great way to reflect on your years as a teacher.


Although I am very excited about moving grade levels, there is a lot to learn and so right now I am knee deep in learning new curriculum. To help get ready for back to school and a new grade level, I have been working on some engaging new products that are perfect for back to school season! These Science and Math Practices Posters and Activities Pack include posters to encourage the new science and math standards and stem learning. Engaging group activities and vocabulary learning encourage student discourse about what is expected and how they can put them into action in their own learning. Students collaborate, write, ad illustrate all about being scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. Perfect for displaying in the classroom during back to school season, or anytime! I am excited to use these on my bulletin boards in September! Also included are small size informational sheets for students to glue into their math and science notebooks as a reference tool to use all school year long! This is available as a bundle, and sold separately, as well.



I hope that you are as excited about the upcoming school year as I am! Thank you so much Nikki, for giving me the opportunity to share a little bit about what is going on in the world of Third Grade Giggles! 
Happy Summer!

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  1. Love this series. It's really great getting to know these teacher-authors.


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