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Up this week is Michele Strayer from Mickey's Place!

Hi!  My name is Mickey from Mickey’s Place.  I live in beautiful Roanoke, VA, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.
I am a retired teacher of 44 years!   During those years, I taught grades one thru five, predominately in first grade.  My true love!  I was fortunate to be a National Board Certified Teacher, Early Childhood Generalist, I was trained as a facilitator by the AIMS Education Foundation: Activities Integrating Math and Science, and I was an adjunct professor for the University of Virginia, teaching hands-on classes for elementary teachers in math and science.  I had a busy life with teaching and raising two daughters.  Then I retired!  What next?  That is when I realized I wanted to continue to share my knowledge with other teachers, and Teachers Pay Teachers was the way to go.
 When I began teaching in 1969, we had no materials or resources, and had to make our own.  So that is the Theme/Focus for my store.  I am concentrating on providing products/ games that are differentiated, all inclusive, and can be used over many years.  It is so hard to have the time to keep students busy to practice skills, while having another group with you. All of my activities can be used as a whole class, small group, with a partner, or individually.
 My first set I created practices the skill of alphabetical order.  Students manipulate train sets to practice their skills. Here is a sample of my pre-primer set.  I begin with sets of three sorts, all the way to sorting by five trains.

  As you can see on the next picture it shows the nine sets I completed.  It is definitely a winner to use year after year. Plus, now they are in bundles, a great savings for you!

I also decided to try some grammar sorts and began with nouns, and then added one for Pre-K students too, using only pictures.
       With June being here, I have a Number Sense set for each month.  They all have a new theme, and again can be used as a game, or in a center. The theme for June is the garden.

Later this summer, I hope to begin a series on number sense, and easy ways to teach this skill.  Please stop by and visit.      
                  For our friends in the southern hemisphere, you are approaching winter, so you might be interested in some of my winter activities for reading comprehension.  Here are just two.

  I hope you stop by Mickey’s Place to see many of my other learning games for pre-K thru fourth grade.  If you have a request for a skill you need to teach, let me know.  I would love to create an activity for it.
   A special thank you to Nikki for allowing me to be a guest on your blog this week!   

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