Olympic Rings: Toilet Rolls

Toilet rolls are the one thing everyone always seems to have loads of. Especially when all the staff fetch in their empty ones to gather a collection - it's great for art resources! If you don't have a collection, start now then start researching some fun art activities you can use them for!

Today, we're sticking with the Olympics theme and it's Olympic Rings made out of toilet rolls!

This activity is actually a real nice, quick and easy one. It's not too fussy so students can do pretty much all of it independently or with little support! (Of course, this differs per individual student abilities).

So, you will need:

  • Different colour paints - preferably in colours of the Olympic rings.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Glue - PVA.
  • Toilet rolls x 5.
First, paint each of the toilet rolls a different colour, leave them to dry. 

Once dry, place them in the order of colours of the rings (a quick google search will help you out). Place the bottom 3 colours on the table first, glue in between each of them and stick them together (i.e glue the sides of the blue and black to sit them next to each other, same with black and red etc.) 

Next, put some glue on the bottom of the top 2 rings, stick them down onto the rings below.

You're finished!


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