National Doughnut Day 2016

I actually can't believe I'm even writing this blog post. National Doughnut Day? LOL! I didn't even know such a thing existed. I stumbled across it when one of my American-Teacher friends posted about it on Facebook.

Of course, being me, I had to get involved! Mainly because the entire idea of people everyone celebrating National Doughnut Day with their kids had me tickled! So, I went to my favourite place in the World: Pinterest to gather some great ideas that you could do this National Doughnut Day to celebrate!

Remember to click on the images to be re-direted to the official link to find out more about the idea and how you can re-create it to celebrate! 

Ok first up, in all seriousness, what is everyones favourite doughnut? Personally, I'm not one for them, but whenever we visit the US, I have to pop in to Dunkin' Donuts, I just LOVE their hot chocolate! 

Secondly, please don't bite my head off over the spelling, I've literally given up, because some people prefer doughnut and some prefer donut. You know what, just look at the word that makes you happiest.

Pinterest is an amazing base to find anything, especially for the classroom and I literally couldn't believe how much doughnut stuff I found, so I've just attached my favourite 5 finds for Doughnut Day below - Happy Doughnut Day!


Everyone loves a party, so what could be more fun than hosting a doughnut decorating party to celebrate! Plus, it's a great way for everyone to get together - especially when everyone has crazy busy schedules and it's hard to get everyone in one place at the same time! It's child and adult friendly too so no worries on that note!


We all know how much kids love to decorate and make things, so why not make a doughnut garland to decorate the house? Or even your classroom if you're still in School! There are so many different varieties of doughnuts that they could make - providing lots of learning opportunities/skills too!


How often do you tell the people that you love/appreciate - just that!? Sometimes we're so busy we forget to say what we're thinking, so why not do it with these fun thank you notes? Attach them to some doughnuts and have them send to those you care about - they'll definitely appreciate the thought/effort you've gone too -plus you've supported National Doughnut Day!


Don't forget about supporting your teachers this National Doughnut Day! Even if the School have all broken up for Summer in your area, you can guarantee that your child's teacher is definitely working away to make sure they provide your child with the best eduction possible the next year! A little pick me up always brightens someones day! Or, maybe it's coming up to the end of the year - in which case, your child's teacher is going to need that pick-me-up for sure! It doesn't have to be an expensive doughnut, just a small token of your thanks will make them smile!

And finally...


What better way to celebrate National Doughnut Day than making doughnuts!? Of course, I went a step further and got you some fun doughnuts to make out of cake mix!? If you get around to making doughnuts today be sure to send me a photo of how creative you've been! I've even seen some Disney inspired ones, i'm looking forward to your creativity guys!


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