National Day: Say Something Nice Day

I was sat listening to the radio this week when they brought up all the different 'funny' National Days of the Year that are celebrated - or not known about in my case! 

It got me intrigued and I wanted to find out what other days are celebrated throughout the year without me knowing - I mean, surely these should be discussed every morning on the radio just to give us all a bit of a laugh? 

Anyway, back to the point. It turns out that today is National Say Something Nice Day.

I'd like to think that I try and say something nice to someone every day but there's always times when I think we could be encouraged to go one step further, so today I've pushed the boat out and I've included just some of the following phrases I've said today to friends, family and colleagues:

"Your hair is looking great today, it's grown amazing!"
"I love that top, it suits you so well!"
"Whenever I see you, you're always so bright and smiley!"
"Thank you for everything you do for us, we love you!"

But, I felt that wasn't enough. I wanted to find some more, so I thought I would head over to Pinterest and see what everyone has been up to on 'National Say Something Nice Day." (To be honest, it was just an excuse for me to be able to spend some extra time on Pinterest as opposed to getting some work done this evening - eek, that to do list is getting BIG!) 

The first pin that I came across was this adorable Winnie the Pooh quote, which when I clicked on it re-directed me to a site full of friendship quotes that are just amazing to send to your closest friends - especially on today - to let them know that you're thinking of them and just how much you appreciate their friendship. Just click the image above to be re-directed to that site to find all those amazing quotes!

But most of all, I found this following image, which pretty much ended my Pinterest search because it was just a perfect way to finish my blog, right here.

If you click the image you'll actually be re-directed to the original blog site which is a site full of inspiring picture quotes - you'll love them, trust me. 

Make sure to spread some kindness today and say something nice to as many people as you can!


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