Math Tip Monday; End of Year Wrap Up

Ok, this seems really strange. I'm writing about end of year wrap up when we still have 6 more weeks left in School! Actually, it makes me a bit pouty and jealous of all you lot who are at the end of the School year! LOL!

So, anyway, back to the topic, I am linking up again for Math Tip Monday. This is the final one in the collection and is all about wrapping up for the end of year. 

I want to give my sincere thanks to the two fabulous ladies who took the time and energy to put all this together for all of us to take part in such a fabulous linky. I'm sure all of us have gotten so many fab, new and exciting ideas that we can use to put into action in our class for Math! I mean, let's face it - Math is not everyones favourite cup of tea!

So, one of the things to talk about is favourite lessons from the year. This is hard but I think it's going to have to be our weekly number of the week activities. The children absolutely loved learning a different number each week, they would use number stamps to stamp with the number, colour in the number page, count out different numbers of objects to make that number and also lots of fun, cut and stick activities i.e ; 6 sizzling sausages in the saucepan. It meant they were always engaged and enjoying - plus each week was something totally different. We would do a different activity each day for the number of the week. There's also some GREAT videos on youtube on number of the week to start a session with or as part of your morning/afternoon greeting sessions! :) 

And the final thing I'm going to talk about is what we would keep/change for next year. We would definitely keep the number of the week as mentioned above, we also love to do the counting sentence building books with the students where they have to count how many objets they see then build a sentence using the prompts with it i.e 'I see 5 birds' - this is great for building not only their math but also their literacy work! What we might change is the amount of time we spend. The number of the week tasks went down a storm and the kiddos loved them, but we weren't sure how they would go down so didn't want to overpower them with too much, next year we are going to add some extra activities for each number to spend a little more time on them :)

I hope you've had a great School year and get to enjoy your last few days/weeks/month cooling down and spending some time with your students before going off on Summer break!

What was your favourite math activity that you did this year with your students? 

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up with us this year! I loved learning from your posts ;) Have an awesome summer and remember how worth it it is...even if it's going to take a few extra weeks to get here!


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