Father's Day: Best Dad I Ever SAW

Father's Day is almost here! Have you made something with your students yet to send home ready to celebrate Father's Day?

If the answer is no - how about this for a quick crafty activity that looks great when completed - plus you'll probably have all the resources needed already in your classroom (or School!).

What you will need:
  • Paper Plate
  • Gold Paint
  • Hole Puncher
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Print out of words
  • Black card
  • Grey card
  • Green card
  • (or white card and paint grey, black, green when needed for parts etc.)

What do you need to do:
  • Paint the paper plate gold and leave to dry.
  • Print out the words: Best Dad I Ever Saw! and cut them out individually - stick these onto the paper plate once dry.
  • Cut out a shape of a saw - using grey and black card to make up the two different parts or just on a white piece of card and paint/colour in grey and black where needed.
  • Cut out a green circle on the card or use white card again, cut into circle and paint green.
  • Stick the green circle into the centre of the paper plate.
  • Stick the saw onto the paper plate.
  • Hole punch a hole at the top of the plate. 
  • Thread some ribbon through the hole and tie together to make a hanger.
And that's it! A quick and easy craft activity to send home to Dad that looks great!


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