The Frog Olympics!

With the Summer Olympics in Rio just around the corner, we have been busy in class working on lots of fun Olympics activities.

For our students, understanding the Olympics is really hard so we had to try and find a way to make it more relevant to our students, and there is no better way than linking it to a fun and eye catching book!

We decided to go for the Frog Olympics! It's a great story book and the kids have loved watching the frogs taking part in all the different games and finding the winners. Plus, there are so many wonderful ways you can link learning activities to this story.

This week we have been working on frog crafts..

We made these frog pegs. Staff cut out the pieces ready and then it was over to the students (well with some 1:1 support!) The children had to paint the pegs brown and then stick on the pieces of the frog, once it was complete they set it to dry. Later that afternoon we had lots of fun opening and closing the pegs and watching the frog eating the fly!

It was a great way for the students to practice their fine motor skills and it kept in with our frog theme! 


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