TeachersPayTeachers changed my life.

Flash back to around 2 years ago and I was feeling lost, I had been in the same job for 4 years and I just couldn't find myself, I felt like there was something missing, don't get me wrong, I'm still in the same job and I still love it - working in a School is something you have to enjoy, because if you don't, you won't be able to work there.

So, over Christmas one year I was fed up of trying to find money from different places to be able to afford all the wonderful things we wanted to do - travelling being one of them as well as putting money away for rainy days and saving for a house etc.

I came across TeachersPayTeachers while sitting on google for hours one day trying to find images for a new resource for class, the last site I clicked on was a seller from TeachersPayTeachers, I was so shocked that someone was selling clipart - I can remember sat in my chair thinking "selling clipart?!?!' but it was something that I was desperate for and I couldn't find anywhere else so I went ahead and got it - thank you Pink Cat Studio for innocently inviting me to the land of TpT. 

Anyway, a few days later I spent some time looking more in depth into TpT, it's when I started to come across all these resources that teachers were selling on the site to use in classrooms! I couldn't believe my eyes - people buy this sort of thing? I mean people in my School had joked with me for ages that I should sell my resources, it got the point where I was making resources for several classrooms, but I never really put much thought into it.

Anyway, the next few months I spent a lot more time looking on TpT when my partner, Nathan, told me to just open a store. I remember thinking 'oh my god, I can't!' we started talking more about it and one day I decided to take the leap, I put up a few resources that I'd made for class, now don't think it was all plain sailing, I had some serious learning curves to make - I mean, credits, TOU, cover pages, freebies - what!? Plus then there was the whole common core standards issue, what had I let myself in for? So, I set the store up, had a few resources and left it- surprisingly (I don't know how looking back) each month I had a fair few sales and each month it started to grow - albeit slowly.

I put TpT on the back burner for a little while, we had so much going on at home, in School so TpT really went out of my mind for a few months. Finally, last January I decided this was it - I was going to take TpT serious - Nathan kept telling me that I would be brilliant at it and he kept pushing me. I spent some more time chatting with fellow TpTers and getting advice on how to sell myself better - I just want to thank all the wonderful veteran TpTers who had a lot of patience helping me understand all the different things - I mean my first resource I didn't even secure properly - I didn't even think people would try to take clipart out of a resource so I definitely owe an apology to a poor clip artist but all was ok once I was told how to secure - and now I'm always sure to offer the same advice to newbie TpTers!

Anyway, the more time I spent on TpT and making TpT friends the more I blossomed in myself, I took more pride in my work, I took more time making resources for students and as result of pouring all my time and love into the resources, I watched students and teachers all around the World start to fall in love with them too!

A few months down the line and my store really took off, like crazy busy, I remember going to bed one night on the verge of tears at how much our lives will be able to change because of TpT - and to this day, Nathan won't let me forget all the times I said I would never make it work and now it does. 

I often see new teachers sign up and go through what I did when I started - and get upset when they didn't make a million in their first year, I'm only now halfway to my first milestone but that extra cash each month really helps out and goes towards us having little luxuries, and being able to be a bit more free with our money.

So, what will help you during your start up with TpT? Here are my few pieces of advice:

- Believe in yourself, I really struggled to believe in myself in the beginning, when I started to believe in myself, I really started to see the small successes that I was making, this made me more positive and more willing to keep going.
- Be patient, you will need a lot of patience! You're not going to become a millionaire overnight and if you're only signing up with that goal in mind then I'll tell you not to bother - seriously! You'll be in this for the long run, but there's nothing more satisfying than watching yourself and your TpT grow every day.
- Enlist cheerleaders, you are really going to want to recruit some cheerleaders who are going to be there to tell you to keep going when things get tough - I was so lucky in the way that mine was Nathan, my partner. He kept pushing me everyday, he told me how amazing I am at my resources and that there's people out there who want to buy them! He believed in me so much and was so certain that I would do it he paid the premium seller fee for me to start earning even more commission on my resources - it's something that really pushed me to keep going. 
- Delegate, when I started to get bigger I found that I would be more tired - I mean, you won't believe how tiring it is creating, uploading, editing, blogging, pinning, socialising on social media, getting used to foreign targets and standards/curriculums, something had to give because I just couldn't do it all - you'll probably notice that my blog started to lack posts when my TpT started to get bigger, it's something I've been trying to work harder on to post more, but I don't have to worry about pinning anymore because Nathan is in charge of all my pinning - he is a God send! 
- Making new friends, ok so making new friends might sound like more of an added personal bonus but actually it was a professional bonus too, the classroom has definitely benefited from liaising with different teachers, making more fun and attractive resources - the newsletters I send out are definitely the envy of a lot of teachers in the School! You'll be amazed at what you can learn from making new friends!

and finally, even though I sell on TpT, it doesn't stop me from buying! There are so many amazing resources out there made by amazingly talented teachers that I just can't help but buy/download resources to use with our students, it's not often that resources are easy to come by that will suit our students, but TpT really does have something for everyone!

If you want to check out my TpT just click here but if you want to take the leap of faith and become a TpT seller then please click here to go through and sign up. You seriously won't regret it! TpT has a wonderful community of TpTers who will all help you get started with setting up your TpT. 


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  1. What a great story! I love your store and I really enjoy reading about other people's tpt journeys.

    Tpt does change your live and career. Thanks for sharing


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