Summer Olympics: Crafts

The Summer Olympics start in August and I can't wait to watch all the games going on Rio. Years back, when it was announced that it would be held in Brazil I swore that I would go there to watch, but situations change and we have been travelling so much over the past couple of years that we just can't make it this year - but I can't complain, we've had so many amazing travel opportunities I'm definitely not feeling hard done by - I'm going to enjoy relaxing and watching the olympics during the summer holidays!

In class, we have been working on lots of fun and different activities linked to the Olympics. 

We have been making these torches and football people. The torches were loads of fun, we printed out the shape of the olympic torch, then the students glued it and scrunched up pieces of colour paper and added lots of glitter to make the torches stand out and have a more sensory approach.

But so far, this is the children's fave craft. They absolutely loved making these football people and had so much fun - plus they were super easy!

We cut white foam into a circle and cut out the black pieces of foam for the shapes on the face. We cut out some red foam in the shape of a foam then finished off with silver paper for the arms and legs and white pieces for the feet. We laid them out on the table and showed the students a finished version of what it will look like that a staff member had created earlier that day to give students an idea of what they are actually making.

The students had so much fun putting all the pieces together and now we have loads of these little football men on display around our classroom! It's a great way to introduce football and the Olympics into your classroom!


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