Seller Spotlight Sunday: Bright Stars Store!

Welcome to my Seller Spotlight Sunday.
Every Sunday on my blog there is a guest post from another fabulous TpT Seller. They will be sharing one free resource from their store, one paid resource from their store and something that they have been up to that week or similar! 

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Up this week is Laura Smith from Bright Stars Store!

Hi there!
My name is Mrs. Smith. I’m the owner of the Bright Stars Store ( 

I was a modern languages teacher in the UK before moving to the Netherlands a few years ago. After spending a year learning Dutch, I became a freelance English teacher. teach adults and children at a local language centre and tutor from home. Before I had my baby daughter, I taught English at local primary schools. I hope to start working in schools again this September.

My lessons focus a lot on encouraging students to speak English. This can be quite a tricky thing to achieve – for most people, speaking a foreign language can be very daunting - but I’ve had a lot of success with Listen and Draw activities. 

These fun and engaging activitiesbuild collaboration skills and also help students retain new vocabulary and boost their self-esteem. Try this free Weather and Seasons Listen and Draw sample here.

Another popular product with both children and adults are speaking cards. Most students are reluctant to say more than ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when asked a question and that’s why it’s important to ask interesting, open-ended questions to spark conversation! 

I have created a set of 96 Question Cards and Writing Activities which are perfect for you ESL class or young learners. They would be perfect to use at the start of a new school year or at the beginning of a lesson. You can find it here.

Now that the summer holidays are approaching, and students have completed their exams, I’m focusing on enjoyable speaking and writing activities. I am always looking out for fun games and books for my classroom – they’re an invaluable tool for encouraging speaking and can be used for writing activities, too. I’ll be posting about the games and books I regularly use, and how I use them, on my Facebook page ( over the next few days.

Nikki, thank you for asking me to do today’s guest post!

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