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Welcome to my Seller Spotlight Sunday.
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Up this week is Jo-Ellen Foody from Love Believe Teach.

Love Believe Teach with Jo-Ellen Foody

Hi! I’m Jo-Ellen from Love Believe Teach with Jo-Ellen Foody on Teachers Pay
Teachers. I live in New Jersey with my husband and two boys. I began my
career in 1999 teaching Kindergarten. I have since taught 1st grade, 3rd grade, and now 2nd grade. 

Last year, my school made solving multi-step word problems a focus.  Unfortunately, there were not many resources available to help our students practice solving them. So, I made them. Then made more, and more.  

Since becoming successful at solving two-step word problems can be challenging for many students, they really seem to respond well to repeated practice.   In my second grade class, I begin teaching my students how to solve the problems with a step-by-step approach. We read the problem carefully and then read it again before we start solving it.  We use diagrams and pictures to help us.  Then we practice and practice and practice them. My printables and task cards will give your students plenty of space to tackle the problem whichever way works best for them.  Give them a try with this FREEBIE:  

Out of all of the great resources I created for my store, I recently decided that this one is my favorite. Why? Because it just makes me happy. It was something that was missing from my Writing Workshop and when I finally created it I knew that this was it. We have used pages from it every single week this year. I can easily create writing booklets for fiction and nonfiction stories that my students write. They just love them! You can find it here.

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