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Up this week is Kara Craig from Itsy Bitsy First Grade Teacher!

Hi ya'll!  This is Kara from Itsy Bitsy First Grade Teacher on TpT.  I live in Texas and am a "Kiki" to two beautiful kiddos (11 and 13).  They keep me on my toes and of course young.

I began my teaching career in 2000 and started selling on TpT June of 2015.  It is hard to believe that I am wrapping up my 16th year teaching.  Time flies when you are having fun!  I am a first grade teacher who loves creating fun, engaging lessons that give my students a chance to apply their learning.  The more we can get up and move around, the better. 

My class LOVES our literacy block time.  This year I decided to shake things up a bit (well…maybe it was a tad more than a bit).  I’m not sure about you, but there have been years days that this time of day is so HARD for students to stay engaged while I am working at the reading table.  You know, the days when as soon as you sit down “Rolly Polly” is having a field day doing everything but what he/she should be doing.  So, I implemented a few changes right off the bat this school year and it has been the best thing I have ever done!  One of the small changes is I needed word work for my students that would correlate with the phonics skills they are learning for the week.  It was important to me that the word work was in a format that I didn’t have to reteach each week (even though the exact phonics skill would be changing).  Time is way too valuable for that!

 So, I decided to create word work packets for my student’s to use during our literacy block.  It has given my student’s the opportunity to not only read words with the skills they are learning but also apply their learning in different settings.   I created my word work sets so that the format stays the same. This has helped students become more independent during their station time.  They are no longer coming to the reading table asking, “What do I do?” 
 Here is a sneak peek of what you can find in one of my best-selling word work packets!    

 “Write the Room” is a huge hit with my kiddo’s.  This is a great way to get them up and moving around during their Literacy Station time. 
Have you ever had a student(s) that would finish a station early and would not have any clue what they should do next to stay engaged (without the interruption of, I'm done)? Yep, that would be me (maybe just once or twice).  So, to make my life a little easier I now have a tub with other activities that match the skills they just learned.  If they finish a station early, they grab an activity of their choice from the tub.  Here are just a few choices they can pull out of the "I'm Done" tub.

I can write sentences with.....

I can sort the pictures.....
Story Time

I am so excited to share my newest freebie with each of you.  It is perfect timing if you are nearing the end of the school year (my count down has officially began).  Here is a short run down on how I use this fun activity in my own classroom.  Students draw a classmate's name.  Then, they create an award for that student.  It is amazing to see what they create and how their awards encourage one another!  I hope your students enjoy as much as mine!  Grab this freebie HERE.

Black/White Printing Option

A special thank you to Nikki for allowing me to be a guest blogger.
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Thank you,
"Itsy Bitsy First Grade Teacher"

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