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Welcome to my Seller Spotlight Sunday.
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Up this week is Jackie Crews!

I've taught for over 30 years and have had all the ages from K-12 throughout
 those years in my various areas of licensure. My favorite thing to teach is ELA 
and especially the series by C.S. Lewis;The Chronicles of Narnia. 

I have attended three universities to become licensed in five areas: Asbury University, The Ohio State University, and Otterbein University. My original certificate was Art K-12 from Asbury. While my family was young, I got my elementary 1-8 certification from The Ohio State University. Much later, I got my masters/reading endorsement in 2008 from Otterbein University.  Finally, I went on to get my ESL endorsement from The Ohio State University in 2010. My five licensed areas: art, English, elementary 1-8, reading K-12, and my newest area; TESOL K-12 which I am extremely happy about! I am currently teaching English as a second language to a variety of ethnicities; Nepali, Hispanic, Somali, Arabic, and others. It's very rewarding to teach kids to read! 

The challenge is that I have so many students and so many levels that 
sometimes it makes my head spin! To add to the challenge are some educators 
who truly do not know how to approach these kids. I find that I must advocate 
for the students and help their teachers when I can, so I put a free product in

Another product I posted in my store has really helped my students know the difference between fiction and non-fiction titled: Fiction Vs. Nonfiction Sorts and Comparisons.

This is a packet that will help alleviate any confusion student might have about the differences between fiction and non-fiction. It addresses not just the attributes of the two genres, but also gives the kids a chance to put what they know to use. The activities are mostly hands-on which is what my students like the most. I liked this product for my first-third graders best, but it could also be used for low fourth-fifth graders.

It includes a mini-poster page explaining fiction and non-fiction that could be blown up in a poster-maker for a larger version. It has a fiction/non-fiction title sort, a fiction/non-fiction comparison quick reference for the attributes of the two, an excerpt page for students to determine the text type, pocket chart header cards, pocket chart attribute cards for both fiction and non-fiction, created title cards for pocket chart sorting, an interactive foldable, and a differentiated picture sort for emergent readers for real and not real. I added a pocket chart sorting activity for reality vs. fantasy with 16 cards and two header cards because kids sometimes have issues deciding what is real and what is fantasy. There is a page of blank cards if you want to make your own fantasy/reality cards. This will be good for lower performing students especially if you are teaching a fairy tale unit. 

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