Mother's Day Fun

This is so confusing for me to be posting a Mother's Day blog post so many weeks after we have had Mother's Day - it differs here in the UK to US so it feels so strange!

Mother's Day is always fun in our Class because we always have so many amazing, fun crafts to make that we send home to Mum! The Mums are always so grateful for the effort that their children go to and they make some wonderful keepsakes! 

Here are some of what we made this year:

Our students absolutely love using their hands this year with paint so we have decided to try and incorporate this as much as we can as it really helps them with their sensory needs. We made these gorgeous handprint flower bouquets, when they were finished we had them put into little frames - they looked amazing! They took hardly any effort and were done really quickly but they looked amazing at the end! 

We actually got this idea off Pinterest but decided to put our own spin on it. We made the poem and flower pot on the computer and printed them out with the students, then on a separate piece of paper we had them paint their hands green and make a handprint then use their fingers to paint the flowers on the tip of each of their fingers. When it was dry we put it altogether to make this flowerpot! 

And last, but certainly not least was this plate. These plates were so cheap as they were just plain, value side plates, we did buy pricer paint so that it would be dishwasher safe but the children had a ball! They used their hands to make the heart in the middle and then decorated with their fingers. Finally we finished with writing 'Mummy has my heart' on the top with them. I think this was our favourite craft and the mums were definitely over the moon with the time and effort that was put into this - plus it can be used over and over!!

What have you been doing in class ready for Mother's Day?

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