Math Tip Monday; Tips for Teaching Time & Money

Where does time go? Can you believe it's May.
I can't.
It's scary, because you blink and time just goes now, it really does teach you to enjoy and appreciate every second, because things can change so quickly!

So, this month's Math Tip Monday is all about teaching time and money. 

This can be a really hard concept to grasp. One of my favourite ways to teach it is just practically and physically so the children also have a visual of what they are learning about.

One of the best ways is teaching them to shop. We do snack time in our class and have a 'cafe' the children have to 'pay' a certain price for different items on the cafe menu. It really encourages them and they love it! Start off small then work your way up with it!

You can incorporate it for all sorts of things! Depending on how big/small your class is - what about reward dollars? At the end of each week the children get to cash in their reward dollars for different items from the reward shop. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, it could just be something small and simple - but in their eyes it's a reward and it's such an exciting experience!

Now for time. This is hard, a lot of children may have no concept of time. And, how can they? We all have days where we think it's gotta be at least 11am, then we check the clock and it's like 9.30, right? Then other days we look at the clock and it's 3pm before we know it! Every day is different, concept of time is so hard!

Try and incorporate egg timers, iPad timers etc. and get them to time different tasks - how about someone hopping 10 times, going to the toilet, walking to the next classroom, saying the alphabet, doing the register etc. See what activities take longer than others so that they can start to grasp it. 

Most of all, if you know you're going to be doing an activity for a set amount of time - 10 minutes, put a timer up on the IWB or an egg timer at the front of the class so students can watch time moving on. 

There are also loads of great displays you can have for your classroom clock that can help your kiddos better understand it. 

My favourite is this;
(click the pic to be re-directed to original website)

You can do this for so many things and the children are able to check what time each thing is happening and get used to the hands on the clock!

How do you teach time & money in your class?


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