Freebie: Graduation Crowns

I have been so quiet on here lately, that I thought it was about time I got to some serious blogging. Coming up to the end of the year is always a busy time, yet since gaining friends in the US I always find myself a bit jealous when they are so close to finishing their School year within the next few weeks while we still have until the end of July!

My progress and success with TpT over the past year has been so amazing to watch and I am so thankful to the wonderful followers and friends that I have gained along the way, so, as a quick thank you for supporting me I offer my newest freebie:

These crowns are a great end of year activity, they come in 'Kindergarten' 'First Grade' and 'Second Grade' options. It's totally free- just click the link and download! Be sure to leave some feedback on how you used them with your students! 

It's a great activity to include in your last couple of weeks of School and supporting your students with their transition to the next grade! Plus, the students can wear them to their graduation party!! (If you do one? If not - why not!?)

Keep your eyes peeled for some more graduation fun over the next few weeks!


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