End of Year Flip Book

I can't believe how quick this School year is going !! We still have quite a few weeks left here in the UK, but I'm watching all my American friends slowly wrapping up for their end of year which is coming up quick, I can't deny it - i'm definitely going to be jealous when they're all posting lovely pictures enjoying the sunshine and the holidays while we're still in work - but at least in the warmer weather we can take the kids outside more! 
A bit of fresh air never hurt anyone!

Today, I'm going to spotlight one of my newest resources, an end of year flip book.

This flip book comes in two different spelling options; favourite and favorite. 

This flip book is for students to discuss their 5 fave things from their year. It comes in two different difficulty levels so you can differentiate between students in your class - they both look very similar and look exactly the same when completed so students won't have to worry about having different pieces of work!

I really recommend printing these flip books out on col paper/card just because it makes it look a bit more fun - but that's totally personal preference! 

This is how the activity will look when completed. You can staple together to secure and then use hooks similar to these to hang them up on display in the classroom for the last few days!

Students have the chance to name who made them smile and why. This is the higher ability level option, the lower level ability option comes with a space for a picture and space to write a name or what the student is able to.

Students also get the chance to discuss what they are proud of themselves for completing this year. This can be something minor or major, it is totally personal to the individual student and what they feel proud of, again this is the higher ability option, the lower ability option has a large box for students to draw/stick a picture of what they are proud of doing with some space to write sentences if they wish.

The last page is all about who their best friend was that year. There's room for a drawing of their best friend - or an image to cut and stick down if that's more appropriate - and room for their autograph - some of our students wouldn't be able to write their name so we dipped their fingers into paint and put their fingerprint there! It looked just as effective and was more meaningful and appropriate for the individual students. The lower ability option is similar to this but does not have a 'because.....' reason. 

As you can see from these images the students have had a lot of fun completing them, it's a great way to fill some spare time but it's also great to have as a keepsake for students to be able to look back on years down the line. 

 Be sure to click the link or images above to be redirected to where you can download this resource from to use in your classroom!


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