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Welcome to my Seller Spotlight Sunday.
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Up this week is Lisa from Chalkboard Superhero! 

Hi, my name is Lisa from ChalkBoard SuperHero! I am a special education teacher in a self-contained classroom with a wide variety of severe disabilities, such as Autism, Down Syndrome and medically fragile students.  I have been teaching for 5 years now and have been creating resources for my classroom for less than 6 months.  All of my kiddos receive 1:1 instruction, so in order to differentiate my lessons and materials, I need to modify for each student on a daily basis.  Most of the products I create are geared toward primary grades and pay special attention to students with special needs.

Something my students struggle with the most in my classroom is coin identification.  Being able to differentiate between all the coins and being able to identify and name the value, is extremely difficult and needs to be practiced daily.  I have created a fantastic bundle that can be supplementary to any money unit that is currently being used.   In this Bundle you will find a bunch of posters for room display, including the money song, which my kiddos love to sing!

There is also a coin sorting mat and larger ones for students with visual impairments. 

There are individual money posters too! This specific one is for the penny. The bold colors are visually appealing for my kids.

I teach each coin using a mini-book that focuses on one coin at a time (there are 4 books, one for each coin).  Then we review all of the coins in the last book, “My Money Book”.  I keep these books in their book bins so they can read them again and again.  I also print out a blackline version of each book and send it home on the day we introduce the coin, for the students to practice at home.

In addition, I have a math center set up with money clip cards that can be used with clothes pins, however, if a student has fine motor needs, they may just use a wipe off marker and circle the correct response.

Also, there are a ton of worksheet that I have separated into their own product, but is also found in this bundle.  I have put in color versions and black and white for printer friendly uses.  My kiddos prefer the color copies because learning coins is very difficult for them and seeing them in color look more real.

 Another skill my students struggle with is learning their sight words and they need tons and tons of practice with this, every SINGLE DAY!!  Something I found and loved was all the different ways that you could practice using different modes of writing all on one sheet, but I found that it was very overwhelming for my students.  So my interactive sight word readers were born.  I have put together a mini book for each of the first 100 sight words on Fry’s list.  Each book has 8 different pages to practice that skill.  Below is a free version, the sight word “the”.  My kiddos love to use markers, pencils, crayons, bingo daubbers, highlighters and pens to practice finding and writing their sight words over and over again.  Please go to my TpT store and download your free book and let me know what you think!

Thanks in advance if you pay a visit to my TpT.  If you want to a little more about me and how my name came about, read below!

A HUGE shout out goes to Nikki for letting me be the guest blogger this week!

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