Math Tip Monday; Ideas for Teaching Measurement

It's time for another Math Tip Monday! 
Are you enjoying these? I just love seeing what all the other teachers have to share with us! I love to collaborate, not that you'd ever be able to tell, right?!

This month it's all about teaching measurement. Our kiddos hate measurement - rulers just become weapons! They love to throw them, hit them on the desk, throw them - you get the picture, rulers are not a good idea. So we have to be a little imaginative and think up lots of fun new ideas to teach measurement.

So, multilink cubes are a big hit for this, i'm not sure if they're called the same thing in all the different countries so here's what they look like..

These are great to stack on top of each other to measure something next to it, we even get crazy sometimes and measure things ridiculously high like doors! That was fun! We get the children to record the heights with us and look at what is big and small.

Another way we like to measure is with footsteps - how many feet from A to B. It could be from a table to another, from the computer to the door etc. It can be lots of fun!

THEN there's the shoes. Oh yes, don't tell me you've never measured with shoes! We had a class of 5 once, we all took our shoes off - staff and kids. We compared them to each other to see which ones were longer, then we put ALL the shoes together to see how long the table was etc. The kids loved it - the kids liked to compare their feet to shoe sizes too! Especially trying to wear staff shoes to see who had the bigger foot!

Just use your imagination and you can pretty much do anything with it!


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