St Pat's Crafts!

So St.Patrick's day is fast approaching on March 17, 2016. 

If you and you're students are anything like us, you love getting into the theme of different holidays/topics throughout the year. We love doing St.Patrick's Day and here are some crafts that we got up to last year..

We have a hugely talented arty teaching assistant in our class who is always coming up with fab new ideas. Our favorite craft was the rainbow mobile. All we did was make a rainbow, laminate it, cut it out, hole punch the clouds, string through it and then made some 4 leaf clovers and pots of gold. We laminated these and attached them to the end of the string. When it's held up it looks fantastic!! And it's so quick and fun to make!! We love having lots to take home at the end of the term for our holiday activities! 

If we are stuck on ideas for a topic I always go to pinterest. It is my one stop craft place! And cooking.. yes we do cook to the themes as well! What can I say - we take it to the extreme!!!

Here are some fabulous crafts for you to get some ideas ready for St.Patrick's Day!




Have a fun filled St.Patrick's Day and may the luck of the irish be with you!!

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