St. Patrick's Day Digraph Sorting

I love St. Patrick's Day in the Classroom because there are just so many fun learning opportunities that you can link in to fit the theme of the holiday!

Not to mention all those cute leprechaun masks you can find on pinterest to make with your students - they look amazing when completed!

Today though I'm going to share with you how we practice our digraphs and still manage to link in to the St. Patrick's Day theme which helps keeps students engaged and enjoying the task.

So, this activity does require a little bit of prep, but trust me it's so worth it once it's all put together - plus you can put it away to bring out again every year!

I do recommend cutting out and laminating each of the individual pieces of this activity. It comes with 2 options - with or without word prompt for your preference. Just click on the image below to be re-directed to the page for more info on what's included.

So, we lay all the pots of gold out across the table and then hand the students coins to match to the correct digraph pot of gold...

This student prefers to use the coins with word prompt. He is encouraged to say what the picture is of i.e whistle then match it to the correct pot of gold.

However, this student below is progressing well with his digraphs so we remove the word prompts..

He is also encouraged to name the picture and say this out loud and then sort all the coins into the correct pots of gold.

There are 6 coins included for each digraph.

Students will have so much fun with this activity, it's a great time filler, easy to put together and you can pull it out year after year. It's just perfect to use during the lead up to St. Patrick's Day!

If you like it, don't forget to check it out on my TpT! 

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