Math Tip Monday; Spring Math Ideas

This is my favourite time of year - Spring! I also have a love/hate relationship with March. You see, in 2 days time it's my birthday, now this year I'm not too bad, I don't mind, I'm looking forward to it, although my dream this year was to go on the Disney Cruise in Florida it just couldn't happen - but there's always next year, right? And we are off to Dublin, Florida & Texas in the next few weeks so I can't complain too much!

So, here is another great Math Tip Monday linky - don't you just love looking at all the fabulous teachers brilliant ideas for teaching math? I know i've sure picked up on lots of new ideas, strategies and just fun ways to introduce math to our students that I just didn't think was possible! It just goes to show, there's always something new you can learn each day when you work in education!

So, the topic is what are we teaching now and what do the students need more practice in. Hmm, this is a tricky one. 

As some of you may know, I live in Wales, which means a lot of what we do the first week of March tends to be St. David's day related so we haven't been doing a HUGE amount of math because it's all very much about celebrating this week! But, soon we will start working on our Easter Math. Now, I have all the usual stuff set up - worksheets, activities, non verbal books, counting practice etc. BUT there's a few more things that we want to sink our teeth into, which we have obviously come across on pinterest! But i'm telling you - there's also some great ideas on Facebook these days!

So, we stumbled upon this great math idea;
(Click image to be redirected to the link)

So, we aren't completely doing this idea, but we got ideas from the idea. If that makes sense? 

So, we are going to have little paper chicks with a ten frame on their belly. Then the eggs will have the number on the bottom - like above, then the top will have  tallying maybe - we're not too sure on the dots. We are also wondering about venturing into the simple sum side of it instead. The opportunities are endless - right? So much fun and will keep the kiddos interested!

Another idea we have is for the kiddos to count out mini chocolate eggs and put them into the correct ones - although, this might be tempting the chocolate devils and they may eat them all before we finish the activity !! 

Now, next up was what do our kiddos need more practice in... Hm. I think it's very much like the egg activity that we want to work on - a lot of our kiddos can't see that numbers mean the same yet look different, for example a number 2 is the same as the a ten frame with 2 squares filled in. So, I think this activity would just be perfect for them!

What about you? What are you working on in class at the moment? Anything seasonal? Or what are your kiddos struggling with at the moment?


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  1. Such cute ideas! I think I need to get some plastic eggs and adapt some of these ideas for my second graders. Thank you for sharing and linking up with us!


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