EGGcellent Easter Crafts

Can you believe it is almost Easter 2016?! How quick are the years going it's quite scary!! 3 more months and another School year will be all over with. Wow.
As you will know from reading my blog, we LOVE topics/holidays in our class. And we love to do crafts. Here are some Easter crafts we completed last year!

We always make a card and then some crafts to go with it. I think my favorite part of this time was the CD bunny - the small white one in the centre. It literally is just CD's, glue, glitter and foam! We love using foam to decorate in our class! I think the children's favorite were the little baskets because they had little chocolate treats inside! Of course they're going to be the children's favorite! ;) 
We also made these but silly me forgot to take a picture! They turned out absolutely gorgeous they were the cutest thing i've ever seen! So easy to make and such a fabulous keepsake!

Here are some more fabulous Easter Crafts that you can get up to leading up to Easter! 




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