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Today's post is a little bit different. Usually these posts consist of me waffling on about different things that have been going on in class or life in general etc. But today, I wanted to bring up a wonderful woman and her newest adventure.

Jackie has a son with Autism and lives in Texas. She's decided that because there is a lack of resource around her area for supporting children with Autism she wants to set up an Academy just for those children! BUT, she's starting it from SCRATCH. So, as you can imagine this is going to be HARD! But, it looks like this is the path Jackie's taking and it's going to be a tough but amazing one.

You can read all about her story here and how you can help her out!

Working in a School for Autistic children myself, I can't tell you how much of a valuable resource it is to have. We literally work every day to change the lives of our students. It means we are able to adapt curriculums to help them achieve their best, we can cater to their individual needs, we can provide them the support that they need to improve upon their life skills and independence. If our children didn't have access to our School, I honestly can't tell you where they would be right now, but I know one thing- it would be a sad, sad place.

Jackie has so much to offer children with this School, it's going to be a life changing opportunity. With her experience, knowledge and the support she has, this School is going to be perfect for our children and they will flourish to their fullest potential. Autism is around us every day, one day, years from now it could be you who is looking for a School just like this for a little person you know. 

If you can't support financially at this time please don't feel you can't help out. Just 2 minutes of your time to read the story and to share it to your Facebook or twitter account can make a huge difference in getting the word out there and would be very appreciated.

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