Why should I teach about Valentine's Day in my Classroom?

As you know, February is fast approaching and with it comes all the cards and gifts scattered around stores everywhere.

In our class, we celebrate literally every holiday, the children have so much fun learning about them all and getting to make items to take home to their families.

It come as a big shock this past week when I heard a teacher ask "Why would I teach about Valentine's Day?" It left me a little sad. Why not? Why would you not want to teach the children in your class about Valentine's Day? 

Sure, it can be so overly indulged with all the expensive gifts and just shown as another opportunity to buy gifts, but do you celebrate Christmas? Birthdays? Surely, they're the same thing - you're spending money!

So, when I discussed in more detail all the reasons I think it's important to include Valentine's it brought me a glimmer of hope when the teacher said she had never thought of the learning opportunities for it like I had discussed!

So I thought, why not share them with others on my blog?

So here are my 5 reasons why I think it's important to teach about Valentine's Day in your Classroom:

1) It's to show kindness.
Let's face it, we all need to be able to have chances in life to be kind to others. It doesn't have to be about the whole 'love' issue, it can just be to be kind to others. You could make small hearts and children write one thing that they like about another child and they pass it on! It's a great way to get all students involved and to feel liked and respected by their peers. Plus, how good does it feel to be kind and give someone else a compliment?!

2) To understand love.
Love isn't just about who your partner is in life - it's about family too! Our children make Valentine's Day cards for their mums and dads or appropriate family members. It's to show that they love them too! We have lots of fun with art and crafts making fun cards and filling them with hearts! It really helps the children to gain a more thorough understanding on the word 'love'

3. Learn about traditions.
It's so important for children to be more aware of all the different traditions that go on around the World, in the same way you would teach about Chinese New Year and how it's important to them to celebrate it for different reasons, it's also a great way to discuss Valentine's Day, you can get up pictures from the web on how people celebrate it differently all around the World. 

4. An opportunity for everyone to be loved.
You can incorporate this into so many different sessions or activities throughout your classroom to help every single student know that they are loved. This could be something as simple as every one writing down one thing they like about each other, playing games and trading compliments, making 'Valentine' gifts to hand out to others. To avoid anyone being left out you could put everyone's names into a hat and each child has to pick a name out - that's the person they have to make something for! It's great that everyone will have a little something to go home with for Valentine's Day!

5. The gifts you give.
Valentine's Day is obviously very commercial. It's a great opportunity to teach students about how the gifts you give don't necessarily have to come from a store that you've bought. You can show them how time can be a huge gift - spending time with loved ones, taking extra time to make something special, giving a bit of your personality by making something special for your loved one and even how a compliment can lift someone's day.

You see, there really are so many opportunities that can arise from teaching about Valentine's Day in your class. I think it's a great way to get students thinking more about their feelings and the way they are to others throughout the year!

Do you teach about Valentine's Day in your class? Why? or why not?
I'd love to hear from you!


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