Triceratops Craft

This term is so much fun learning about dinosaurs, and one of the most loved crafts that we've done has been this Triceratops paper plate craft! 

The kids loved them so much we were thinking about doing them for lots of different types of dinosaurs! I'll let you know if we manage to squeeze it all in!

Here is what the craft looks like when it's finished - they even stand up on their own and look great placed around the room!

Just read below for some instructions on how to make it!

Items you need
Paper plate
Orange paint
Print out a triceratops face - off google
1 empty toilet roll


1) Paint both sides of your paper plate orange - do one side, let it dry then do the other side.
2) Cut the toilet roll in half 
3) Paint both halfs of the toilet roll in orange
4) Once everything is dry from the paint, fold the paper plate in half and staple together at the top.
5) Cut small slits in the tops of the toilet roll halfs to place the paper plate into. Use glue around the edges to secure together. 
6) Glue the face of the triceratops on to the paper plate

And you're done! 
Don't forget to send me some pictures if you make these too! I love seeing how everything turns out!


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