Top 3 Thursday: Valentine's Day

Happy Thursday everyone!

So, this week I'm joining up with Teach Glitter Grow for Top 3 Thursday.
You all know how much I love a link-up and this one is just going to be fabulous every Thursday!

Be sure to head on over to her blog to check out what everyone else has been saying for their Top 3 about Valentine's Day!

We haven't quite started on our Valentine's Day activities yet in class because we've been doing some Chinese New Year stuff! 

But below are my top 3 fave things about celebrating Valentine's Day in the Classroom!

You can theme all your usual work activities around it to make it more fun and engaging for your students! I love all the adorable clipart you can use to jazz the resources up and make them so fun for Valentine's Day!

The counting task cards are so much fun with the little love hearts in the ten frames! Word search activities really help to fill a gap and get your students engaged in learning about the different vocabulary linked to Valentine's Day, that's without the fabulous comprehension stories...

Every person has their own individual story with questions accompanied. The whole topic is about Valentine's Day!

You can turn it into a cooking session - let's face it EVERYONE loves those! Here are just some fabulous ideas I've stumbled across that are easy for you to make with your students yet look great! Just click on the images to be re-directed to their website for instructions!


Our kiddos just LOVE their weekly cookery sessions and have so much fun tasting all the different ingredients and textures involved!

and finally..

Monster Love on TinyTap is a MUST for Valentine's Day! If you don't have TinyTap on your class iPad seriously download it, then make sure you've got Monster love - it's all free don't worry.

The students absolutely love this story and it's interactive too!!

It's just perfect for Valentine's Day and I guarantee your students will love it! I think you can also watch it on your computer just click the image above to be re-directed to the website!

Thanks for reading all about my Top 3 for Valentine's Day! What are your fave things to do in your classroom to celebrate Valentine's Day?

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  1. SO many great ideas!

    Comprehension is so important and I bet your students love that they have a fun Valentine's day theme!

    Don't even get me started about all those sweet treats..they look amazing!!

    I have never heard of tinytap! What a great tip. I will definitely be checking that out as soon as I get to school tomorrow!!

    Thanks so much for linking up all of your fabulous ideas!

    Teach Glitter Grow

    1. That story on TinyTap is amazing, our kiddos absolutely LOVE it and it's perfect for this time of year!! :)

  2. I love it! I will have to check out that app! Great great ideas! I love the cookies for sure! They go along perfectly with my Cafe room theme!



    1. Oh wow your Cafe theme sounds interesting!! I hope your students love the story as much as ours do! Thanks for popping by :)


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