Student Information Overload!

Let's face it, working in Special Education means that there is just so much information gathered on each individual child throughout the School year that when it comes to passing it on to the next teacher you literally find yourself sat there, wondering "Where do I start?"

There is just so much information on our students that we find ourself in information overload. However, I thought I would share a way that we use within the School to pass on the 'main' pieces of information that's good to know for day to day use when working with the individual student.

This document is simple and clear yet a perfect way to gather up just the right amount of information needed to pass on. There is space for a photo of the student, their date of birth, the year/grade that they are in currently and who the class teacher is.

Then in each of the other boxes is space for you to write the main pieces of information for each of those topics that a person would need to know for day to day use. It also means that these are great to hand out to any supply staff you may have come in for a quick read and get to know the students before they arrive in the morning -the information is not too private to share with a supply but gives them a good wealth of knowledge about the student.

How do you pass on information about your student(s) to the next teacher? I'd love to hear about it!

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