Math Tip Monday: Place Value

Can you believe how quick this year is going already? Can you believe it's already February? Just where is the time going it's crazy! It feels like just 2 minutes ago it was Christmas and now here we are 2 months into the new year.

And of course, it's a Monday in a new month which means one thing; Math Tip Monday! This month is all about Place Value. Now, this one I decided to do a little differently to previous Math Tip Monday's that I have blogged about. This time I have gathered some AMAZING ideas from all different teachers around the World. Below you will find some pictures of some fabulous ideas that you can incorporate to your classroom - but be sure to click on the image because that will take you straight to the teachers page where you can get all the info on how to use the activity in your classroom! Can we get an AMEN for pinterest people?!

So, first up is this free yes free place value "I have, Who has?" game. 

These games are just brilliant, you may have seen the ones that I use for CVC, animals etc. But these number ones are just great! Especially when the students have to count the blocks to find out what number they have got!

And next up, is another fabulous freebie for you! It's a bingo style game - who doesn't love that?! Just click the photo to go right to it and find out all the information

Now, another part of this months blog included Singapore Math. I actually had no idea what this is - never heard of it and it got me thinking how little we actually know about math when you don't use it! Especially when you aren't working with mainstream! I also think that all the strategies and training differ so much in each country, that it's just a constant learning curve - which is great! We get to learn from each other, which is always fun and just great for the kids.

So, while I was doing my usual research I stumbled upon this great little blog post here. (Or you can click the image below which also leads straight to her blog).

It's a really great read and you can learn so much on what Singapore math actually is. Which i'm so glad about because I genuinely had no idea and I was getting a little freaky here thinking I wouldn't be able to post this blog post for fear I had no idea what to say!

And, for the final one; anchor charts!
Again, I'm still a little new to anchor charts, this is again something that we don't use and is totally new to me, but over the past year while I have been growing my connections with teachers all around the World I am definitely growing and picking up lots of new ideas and strategies - it's such a great learning process! This is my favourite anchor chart that I stumbled upon (click image to be re-directed to the link);

I actually think one or two of the kiddos in my class could actually do this! We do number of the week up to 20 each year and I think this would be great for that! Especially during morning/afternoon greeting just before we go into our math work! Who wouldn't want this in their classroom?!

Thanks for reading my blog post again, I hope you were able to find some great new ideas from these fabulous teachers who share their work and ideas online with us. Don't forget to visit other bloggers who are sharing their Math Tips this Monday! 


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