Five for Friday 12.2.16

It's Friday!!!!
And this Friday is more exciting than other Fridays because it means we finished our last day of School and we have a week off! This means I can spend some much needed time on my TpT store and blog! I can't wait! 

Once again I'm linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for a great Five for Friday linky party - it's so much fun checking out what everyone has been up to this week so be sure to go and hop around different blogs and have a nose.

So, this week has been a bit of a crazy one. We had a serious bug epidemic, I mean, serious. At one point we had more kids off than we had in School! LOL! I've been constantly scrubbing my hands and clothes to make sure I'm not gonna catch it over half term - especially for our meal this Sunday!

Anyway, here's some snapshots of what we have been up to this week:

We made Valentine heart trees. The kids had so much fun putting all the different size and colour hearts onto the tree! This would look so adorable framed and as a keepsake for parents and yet was so quick and easy to make with materials around the classroom! 

These Valentine cards are absolutely adorable and the kids loved making them into cat faces! They did need some support in putting it together and we put together an example one for them to copy too! :)

We had lots of fun with these handprint Chinese dragons - they didn't quite turn out like the example that we found online but the kids really enjoyed and they love having paint on their hands so this activity was even more fun for them!

We made these Valentine Trifle Cups in our cookery session - it was so much fun and the end result looked fab! They were so easy to make and weren't that expensive! 

This week was pancake day, we made some pancakes in class for the children to try - which is always fun watching them get all excited about the different toppings. But, I loved it even more going to my mums that night for her pancakes which are amazing!! We have loads of amazing toppings - including chocolate spread, yum!

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  1. Love cooking in the classroom!


  2. Ahhh I love that you are able to cook in your classroom! I am job sharing this year so I am only in the classroom for the afternoon (teaching Reading Recovery in the morning). I wish I had enough time to cook with the kids because I know they would love it!! Such a great opportunity to introduce the students to new things! :)

    1. The kids love cooking in class! If we ever find that we can't squeeze it in one week we pick up some ready made cakes - they are so cheap here in the shops - and then we decorate them! It's only a little quick thing but it keeps their cookery fix going :)

  3. I Completely missed the 5 for Friday this week! But I still like popping over and reading other people's 5. Sounds like you had lots of valentines themed fun and I hope those pancakes were nice :)


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