Chinese New Year Crafty Time

I don't know about you - but I love Chinese New Year and it's just a week away!! We always try to go out and celebrate for it - it's so much fun and the restaurants here do some pretty spectacular things to celebrate!

This year is all about the year of the Monkey!!

But, as you have probably worked out from reading my blog previously, in Class we also like to take it that little bit further and do lots of fun things related to different celebrations throughout the year. Chinese New Year is lots of fun, here is a snapshot of what we have done in Class previously;

See what I mean? We definitely take it the extreme! It's so much fun and the children absolutely love taking part in all the different holidays throughout the year! We get so many great ideas off Pinterest and online for it!

We also take the children into a little Chinese grocery store and pick up different ingredients to have a bit of a buffet of the children to try all the different Chinese foods! We also make stuff in our cookery sessions related to Chinese New Year. Last time was Chinese Pizza! So much fun and the children loved it!

Maybe not the nicest looking things - but lots of fun and the children loved it and got to try different ingredients so it's totally worth it!

But above all, this is always my favourite crafty activity to take part in for Chinese New Year;

They can be so easy and quick to make yet look absolutely fabulous when finished! Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? Show me what you get up to in Class I love seeing all the different activities everyone gets up to!

I also have some great resources in my TpT store that are linked to Chinese New Year, you can check out some info on them below!

1) Comprehension Pack

This comprehension pack is themed completely around Chinese New Year and includes 18 different activities in total! Each activity comes with an information page and a matching question page too! 

 This flashcard story is all about how the Zodiac animals were chosen. It's a great way for students to gain a greater understanding of celebrating Chinese New Year. It also comes in black and white option to help save on your ink too!

The flashcard stories are a great way to tell a story without over powering students with too much vocabulary/information. They still tell the full story but in a more simplified and engaging way with bright and fun graphics. 

It also means that you can put it together as a book or leave them individual so you can work on a page a day or sequencing activities, providing you with lots of different learning opportunities. 

3) Sentence Building Pack


This sentence building packs is differentiated into different levels to suit different abilities of your individual students. It also comes in black and white option to help save on your ink!

This pack is a great way to motivate students to be more engaged in their sentence building and to help progress. 

Each work book is linked to Chinese New Year and comes complete with symbols. There are instructions included on the first page so that you are able to use this resource in your classroom to it's fullest ability.

Plus the vocabulary used is differentiated for different countries i.e colour and color in different packs to suit individual classrooms!

This pack includes two different levels of word search activities to suit individual needs. All the vocabulary and graphics used are related to Chinese New Year theme but come in black and white to save on your ink! Plus it gives students a chance to color/colour these in once completed!

This is a great, quick no-prep activity that you can put out on tables which is especially great for those early finishers! 

And that is all from me! Will you be celebrating Chinese New Year? If so, how?

If you have a blog post about Chinese New Year feel free to link it up below!



  1. I love the addition of glitter around the edges of your lanterns - that just takes it to another level. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

    1. Thanks Paula! I'm glad you've found this blog post helpful!! We love using glitter and it really does show them off that little bit more - you're right! :) Thanks for stopping by!


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