Technology Tuesday: Use Hyperlinks in Your TpT Descriptions

Hi everyone!
First off, I want to send a huge apology for taking a massive break in my Technology Tuesday posts and a big thank you to everyone who was asking for them to start back up again!

The real issue is time just got away with me and I was running out of different things to show off, but I've been asked about some things recently so I thought I would share them with you!

So, today's Technology Tuesday Tip is all about how you can add hyperlinks into your TpT descriptions!

So, here is an example of one of my resources with hyperlinks included in the description. 

You'll notice towards the bottom end of this description there are some links to other resources found on my store. 

Having hyperlinks are a great way to keep potential customers on your store, you're giving them something else to look at - whether it be an individual resource, a bundle that holds that particular resource or even a custom category, you want to keep those potential customers on your store and browsing through as long as possible!

So, first up, click to edit your resource. 

You'll be re-directed to this screen

Scroll down to the description bit.

Now, leave that tab open and open up a new tab and go to your TpT store and choose a resource that you would like to link this resource to. For example, this resource I would like to have a link to my Back to School Info Book, so I load up the page of that resource.

Now open up another tab and again and go to it will open up to this page.

Go back to your resource page that you want linked and copy the URL at the top.

Go back to the easyhyperlink page and paste the URL into the top box.

Then write what you want the link to say in the Display Text box. I'll be writing Click here to view my Back to School Info Flip Book!

then click construct link!

You'll now be shown this screen with all the links filled in. Just copy ALL of the code in the 'Your HTML code:' box. Make sure to copy it all!

then go back to the page of the resource you are editing and paste the code into the description box wherever you want it - I usually put hyperlinks at the bottom of the description. 

Then scroll down and click submit!

Once you go back to your resource page you'll see the hyperlink at the bottom of the page! 

Thanks for checking out my Technology Tuesday Tip! Have a great week! 


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  1. Nikki,
    Your directions are great and the visuals are even better!! I wish I had found this blog post before I stumbled through figuring this out on my own! :)
    Storybook Endings in Second


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