Start Your Year Inspired: TpT Sale!

Yep, you heard right guys, there's going to be another TpT sale!!

It's happening on 20th & 21st January so be sure to get your wish lists and shopping carts ready to stock up on some amazing resources at even more amazing prices!

The best thing about this sale is that it's just in time for the Aussie teachers to go back to School! It's a great time to have some big savings to get you ready for back to School! ( I hope you've all had a lovely break and are fighting fit ready to start it all again! )

So, this is my plan to share with you today on the blog.
First up - my 5 top picks from my store for you to grab this sale!

Then the 5 items that are most certainly going to be heading their way towards my shopping cart during the sale!

You'll save a massive 28% off resources so don't hesitate - shop til you drop! Literally! 

Ok, so here are my top 5 picks from my store:

This interactive 'all about me' book is packed full of different ways for students to be able to express themselves and share more about themselves. It's interactive which means students will have so much fun taking part in the activity that they won't even notice they're practising so many learning skills!

This is also a great way for you to be able to find out more about your students and their lives too! The best teachers in the World are also the ones who spend time getting to know their students and building strong relationships with hem - if a student trusts you, they're going to like you and if a student likes you they're going to want to impress you and work hard for you! 

You can read more information about my All About Me Interactive Book here.

What happens when you have students who are able to complete tasks quicker than others? You need to occupy them with something until the next task starts, giving the rest of your students more of a chance to complete their activity.

Well how about these Animal Mystery Puzzle activities. These are also great to have as part of your Math Centres around the Classroom. Students have to follow the instructions on the bottom of the page and fill in the correct numbers in the correct color/colour to make a picture of an animal!

There are 20 different animals included in this resource at a bargain price! Click here to find out more information! 

Going back to School can always be a daunting time, especially for anxious students who are worrying about socialising and making new friends.

One of the best ways to get students started is by providing tasks - this can be in pairs or even small groups. These task cards provide so many great conversation starters that will get students talking and socialising. By using these conversation cards students will share more about themselves and thus have more of a chance of finding things in common. 

These are also great to use with students in speech sessions, it'll encourage them to socialise with others and find topics to talk about as well as asking questions to others. It will help so much with their social skills!

You can find out more information here. 

This is literally the God of all resources to use within your Spec Ed / Autism Classroom or even a mainstream classroom to support individual students. 

It comes with different levels to suit different students. 
Level 1 - 3 tokens then the rewards
Level 2 - 4 tokens then the rewards
Level 3 - 5 tokens then the rewards
Level 4 - 10 tokens then the rewards

If you are unsure of what level to start your student at, just start them on Level 1 and work their way up when you seem suitable.

This resource even comes with some choice symbols included! So far they are; ball pit, blocks, game (2 options), book, bubbles, car, computer, lego, iPad, music (2 options), outside, playground, puppets, relax, sand, time out, choice, toys, train, walk, trampoline and water play. 

It comes with instructions so you're able to put it together and use this resource to the best of it's abilities within your classroom! For such a bargain price this resource really is a life saver within your classroom! 

You can find out more information on it here.

Last but not least, my 100th Day Work Book. Ok - so I know the Aussies are only just going back to School but I know others around the World are getting close to their 100th Day of School Celebration! It's such an exciting time and students will love celebrating - and there's no better way to celebrate than with my 100th Day Work Book!

It has a total of 21 pages of activities as well as a certificate and a crown at the end as rewards!

The certificate comes in col/b&w option for your preference. There are also two different covers included too - boy or girl!

This is such a low prep activity, you can literally print and hand out!

It has two types of spelling - color and colour included (American/British) in two different PDF documents for your suitability. 

The activities included are:
  • Color by Number / Colour by Number
  • Color by Sight Word / Colour by Sight Word
  • What comes next? Counting in 1s
  • What comes next? Counting in 2s
  • What comes next? Counting in 5s
  • What comes next? Counting in 10s
  • Labelling activity
  • Sight Word Tracing: Pre Primer
  • Sight Word Tracing: Primer
  • Sight Word Tracing: First
  • Sight Word Tracing: Second
  • Sight Word Tracing: Third
  • Collecting 100 items
  • Trace 100 sight words (from pre primer to first)
  • Count to 100 - fill in the number grid
  • Mystery number grid coloring/colouring
  • 100 year old selfie and writing task
  • Find and highlight 100 - how many?
  • 100 items to color/colour
  • How many times can you complete the actions in 100 seconds?
  • Discussing 100
  • 100th Day Champion Certificate - B&W and Col option
  • 100 Days Smarter Crown
Students will just love completing this work book and having their rewards at the end - crown and certificate! There are so many activities to keep them engaged and focused with so low prep for you - it's a perfect combination!

I've got some examples below for you of Ben & Emma who completed the work books! They loved them and couldn't get through them quick enough! 

Now, as promised, I am going to share 5 resources from TpT that I just LOVE and can't wait to add to my cart during the sale! (I mean, everyone shops in the TpT sale, right? Even sellers?!) Click the image to be re-directed to the resource page to find out more information about it!

CVC, CVCC and CCVC words are always on the top of my list for students work so imagine my delight when I've seen this amazing growing bundle being advertised by Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs! Her work is amazing and I love her clipart so this is a no brainer for me! Plus I have so many ideas for what I could make out of these for the students!

I LOVE these frames and they will be a huge asset to my cover making and especially now I'm into long pins! I love all Rebecca's work and these are no different! I can't wait to add these to my ever growing clipart collection!

All our kiddos love dinosaurs and they love interactive powerpoint too - so this would be fab! Ever since Show&Tell posted this on TpT I've wanted it - it's been on my wish list for a little while and I just stumbled across it again while looking through! I think this will be a definite yes to my cart this sale! :)

I LOVE using photographs in my resources and these insect ones look great! I love Strawberry Shake's photographs as they are always so clear and are such high quality! I have lots of ideas for what I want to do with these so they're on my list too! 

And finally..

It's really hard to decide on my last one, I have so many items that I want to purchasing during the sale so it's difficult trying to choose the top 5, but my 5th one I think has got to be..

This resource is by Pink Cat Studio - I literally can't get enough of her powerpoint games - the kids LOVE them! 

This one is just perfect when it's tied to a Winter theme - we LOVE themes in our Class! The Penguin Hockey Shootout one looks AMAZING!! I can't wait to add it to my cart and try it out with the kiddos! :)

What are you planning on purchasing during the sale?!

If you're a fellow blogger, link up your Top 5 resources from your store and the Top 5 resources you'll be excited to purchase during the sale!


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  1. I love the frames from RebeccaB Designs. This is probably shameful, but I am just now following her store. :) She has some really, really cute things! :) Hope you have a busy day full of sells tomorrow. :)


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