Sensory and Dinosaurs?

So this term our topic is dinosaurs.
Our kids absolutely love dinosaurs so this topic was just so perfect and suited them to the ground! It also meant there were going to be some great sensory activities to pair with it!

This week was all about having to dig out the dinosaurs from frozen jelly and frozen apple juice!

Literally you can freeze anything you want, we go for edible stuff - it's just safer!

First up, frozen jelly!

So, we made up a bowl of jelly but instead of putting it in the fridge to 'set' and 'harden' we poured it into a bowl, put lots of dinosaurs in it then put it in the freezer overnight! The next morning the kids had so much fun using different objects - spoons etc. to try and dig the dinosaurs out of the frozen jelly! Plus they got to eat it as they went along!

It was SUCH a big hit that the next day we ended up making more! But this time we got creative and asked one of the students what liquid we should use! They chose apple juice! 

We poured apple juice into a bowl, added in LOTS of dinosaurs then put it in the freezer overnight!

The next day was full of fun as the kids tried to dig out the dinosaurs again! They also loved eating the frozen apple juice as they went along! 

You can literally freeze anything you like. We go for edible stuff just because you never know with our lot! It's so much fun hearing the different language they use when trying to dig out the dinosaurs and how excited they get when they 'save' one!


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