Seller Spotlight Sunday: Grumpy Dumpling

Welcome to my Seller Spotlight Sunday.
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Up this week is Ilinca from Grumpy Dumpling

Hello! I’m Ilinca (Ili) from Grumpy Dumpling. 
I’m a kindergarten teacher (with English as the language of instruction) and I mainly teach non-English speakers. I’m currently living in Helsinki, but I’m going to move to Copenhagen very soon.

I became a TPT seller less than two years ago and so far it has been a great journey! I’ve met a lot of nice and supportive people (Nikki being one of them). I enjoy creating resources to complement hands-on activities, composing songs for ESOL, inventing vocabulary, literacy, and number games, planning creative art and craft projects, and creating a variety of materials for children to use, investigate, manipulate in learning activities and in imaginative play. 

One of my favorite things is singing (although I do it quite badly, I do it with passion and that’s what counts, right?) and I love creating silly songs. You’ll find some of my songs on my blog.

One of my most popular free products is “Winter Weather and Clothes Flash Cards. I have used these flashcards with my own group (2-4 y.o.) to talk about winter signs, by also contrasting winter to other seasons. We discuss each flash card, then place it in one of the two piles (“WINTER” or “OTHER SEASONS”) and give arguments for our options. The children will be able to sort the flashcards by themselves or in small groups, too. They just need some instructions at first.

Some of my favorite teaching resources from Grumpy Dumpling are these Phoneme Segmentation Cards. They can be used in a variety of games and activities, using different types of letters – erasers, wooden letters, foam letters, stamps, written letters, etc. This resource contains both C and B&W versions, with and without letters, so you can use whichever suit your kid’s level best.

Check out my Facebook page or my blog for more fun resources. J


  1. Its nice to hear about your TPT journey. I love the flashcards!

    1. Thanks for downloading the flashcards! I checked your Youtube videos and I love your "This or That" Activity! :)


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